Now housed at alanimaton.blogspot.com instead of thelanimation.blogspot.com.

Why? Because I forgot what my user name was and assumed this one had been deleted.

But now I have both! Muahahahahahaha!


all my faith gone, all maps welcome

I decide to start utilizing my blog again just as everyone else seemingly abandons their own for bigger and better things.

Which pretty much sums up my life as I know it.


New beginnings.

I've decided to start using this thing again.





Considering going back to school to pursue a Masters in Library Science.



I should be filing my taxes...

...but instead, I'm procrastinating per usual.

Tonight's procrastination fascination? A mission to find some use for the spare bedroom and bathroom which currently sit empty and abandoned.

The best idea yet - and by far - is to use it to house and breed otters. I mean think about it. All I'll need is a small swimming pool and some wood, maybe a few snails...

As you may or may not have guessed by my newfound love for and desire to breed random mammals, Katie and I took a trip to the Virginia Living Museum today. A visit which led me to proclaim the otter as my new favorite animal.

And because if there's anything better than a bunch of river otters goofing off, it's a bunch of river otters goofing off to the magical musical stylings of Jack Johnson... observe:

I also fell in love with the bobcat, but it would probably be more likely to bolt from a life of apartment captivity. Or, you know... claw my face off.

P.S. But in all seriousness, it's looking more and more like I won't be getting a new roommate until May. Any ideas for the spare room?

P.P.S. Know any Virginians in need of a roommate? Must be okay with sharing a bathroom with an otter.


Diseases I hope get discovered in my lifetime.

(1) Stand-up Comedy Tourette's.

That's all I've got so far.